Dr. Arash uses the Pitts21 System, which are the latest in self-ligating Bracket technology.

What Are Pitts 21™ Braces?

Pitts 21™ self-ligating braces are an orthodontic treatment option designed to improve teeth alignment and/or bite concerns such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. The Pitts 21™ system is different from traditional metal braces in several ways. Pitts 21™ braces use a distinct wire-threading technique which causes less friction and minimizes the need for elastic bands. The brackets are also smaller and are placed higher on the teeth, closer to the gumline, which can create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition, Pitts 21™ self-ligating braces can reposition the teeth at a faster pace while using less force, often making the treatment process more comfortable.

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Powerful Benefits 

Pitts 21™ self-ligating braces offer a number of aesthetic and functional benefits for both adult and adolescent patients, including:

  • Faster correction of common orthodontic concerns such as spaces between the teeth, crowding, general misalignment, and bite irregularities
  • Less pressure is necessary to move the teeth
  • The brackets are designed to have a lower profile on the teeth and smoother, rounded corners, which can make them less apt to create irritation in the lips and soft tissues of the mouth
  • Patients typically require fewer follow-up appointments for maintenance
  • Easier to brush, floss, and remove food particles from the braces
  • Depending on each patient’s unique needs, additional oral appliances such as palate expanders or headgear are often not necessary

If you are concerned about your Pitts 21™ braces being noticeable, inquire offers with our office, we use clear brackets for patients who are good candidates. 

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